We have had a lovely review of our Mikes Auto garage from Mummy market

We bought Jack a play table a couple of months ago for the lovely wooden train and car sets he was given by my best friend. Since then, he has just gone car and train crazy!!

My husband John and I decided to buy him a garage, preferably wooden. After looking at lots of different garages we found this lovely wooden one from Heirloom Toys & Clothing.

At £84.95 it was a little more expensive than other garages we had seen but when it arrived we thought it was worth the money.

We liked the 1950's retro look and the size of it. It is for children aged 3+ but thought the size was good for Jack and thankfully Jack doesn't chew things.

It comes with two wooden signs, two Le Toy Vans wooden cars and 4 plastic cones. It has two plastic ramps, a lift, a little petrol pump, a parking barrier that you can move and and little wooden ramp.


The box arrived beautifully wrapped so would be great to give as a present and for sending direct to a lucky little one.


My Dad and John put the garage together and found it straight forward. The only thing they said was at some point you would need two sets of hands to fix the lift tower to the base.

Jack just loves it :)







The garage gets played with every day (which was 5.30 this morning!!). At the moment he just loves pushing the cars down the ramp and using the lift but I'm sure he will get more creative as he gets older.

So a big thumbs up from Jack and his Mummy. I can now have a cup of tea in peace (well kind of).

This is not a sponsored post, however, we did receive a discount for writing this review but we chose to purchase the garage before a discount was offered.